Our Proposals

What we want to bring to the local community

This development intends to create four new high-quality residential units and increase the trading space for the café/restaurant which serves the local community. Furthermore we seek to extend the current residential dwelling at Denyer Street.

As part of these plans we would seek to refurbish the exterior of the listed building. We would also restore the building to its former glory by removing the large sign that is currently on the corner of the building. We also seek to remove the current orange awnings and restore the ground floor to a level which highlights the buildings original design and appearance.

Additionally, we would incorporate a side and rear extension on to the building to accommodate the new units and trading space. Furthermore, we wish to introduce a third floor mansard roof which would replace the already altered roof space. This would incorporate traditional detailing suited to the character of the listed building. Additionally the mansard would be set back from the edge of the roof to limit the view from the street.

Crucially, it is important to consider that a larger ‘Clearings’ development to the west of the development has already gained consent from the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. This structure will rise multiple storeys above the proposed mansard roof. Taking this into consideration we believe that the mansard will help preserve its position as a landmark corner building in this area.

Mansards in the local area

2a Milner street PP/16/01502- Approved Construction of third floor mansard roof extension

View of existing mansard roofs at 1-7 Milner street

2 First street PP/00/00212 - Approved Erection of mansard extension, infill of courtyard at lower ground floor level, and formation of a terrace at ground floor level.

Red dots show the properties with mansards

Design Options

Currently we have three options for the exterior design of the building and we are seeking input from the local community on what design they would prefer.

The various design options are unique interpretations of the materials already used at this site. We wish to use similar materials to allow the original public house to remain prominent, whilst modernising the extension.

Please look at the options below and then share your view on what option you prefer.

This can be shared in the feedback form section.

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Design A

Design A is a traditional scheme, picking up elements of the existing building and those from the surrounding (subordinate) vernacular, to create a sympathetic extension in matching brickwork.

Design B

Design B is a more utilitarian-traditional scheme, also picking up elements of the existing building and those from the surrounding (subordinate) vernacular, but painted in black to deliver a contrasting extension to the Listed building.

Design C

Design C is a contemporary design using high quality and innovative materials (smaller format brickwork, limestone detailing) to create a contrast to the Listed Building and also to create a statement building (in its own right) on this prominent corner plot.